During the spring and summer months in St. Charles, Louisiana, the pollen levels tend to rise quickly and drastically. If you’re like many people in the area, you might suffer from an allergy to this substance. When you go outside, the allergies tend to hit hard, but your home should be a haven from this yellow menace. Follow these tips to keep pollen outside where it belongs and away from your home.

Clean Often

Spring cleaning is a must when you have allergies. Not only should you deep clean the home at the start of the season, but you should keep up on the tasks throughout the spring and summer months. Before your kids come in from playing outside, have them remove their shoes and toss their clothes in the washing machine to prevent pollen from being tracked inside. Use a vacuum with a HEPA-rated filter to trap any rogue particles that may have made it indoors.

Disposable dusters work well to clear dust and debris from the surfaces in your home, and you can toss it as soon as you’re done instead of using the same cloth and moving pollen around. If you have curtains in your bedroom, take them down frequently and wash them with your bedding in hot water. When your pets go outside, give them frequent baths.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

When the weather is nice and a spring breeze is cool on your face, you might be tempted to open your windows and take advantage of the pleasant temperatures. However, when pollen levels are high, doing so is like offering a personal invitation to your allergens. Instead of opening the windows, use the air conditioning system and run fans to keep air moving throughout the space. Before you switch your HVAC over to the cool setting, make sure to change the filter. A HEPA HVAC filter is more effective at trapping small particles but must be changed once a month.

If you have pollen in your HVAC system that’s causing allergies and health symptoms, schedule a duct cleaning service with our experts at Bryans United Air Conditioning by calling 504-208-2071.

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