While the temperature may seem like it is dropping as fall comes to your Metairie, Louisiana, home, you can still expect to need your AC for a few more months. Now is the perfect time to get a handle on your bad AC habits to keep your energy costs down during the season. Below are some of the most common bad AC mistakes you need to avoid.

Ignoring Air Leaks

Many people have a "set it and forget it" attitude regarding their air conditioners. Air conditioning efficiency has to do with a lot more than just how you use your thermostat. If air is escaping from your home, you are wasting energy and inadvertently sending your cooling dollars out the door.

Check around your doors and windows and make sure that there are no cracks or gaps. If there are leaks, consider recaulking window seams to block drafts. Weatherstripping is also an effective option. Air leaks make it harder for your HVAC system to maintain the right temperature. It will, therefore, work harder and use more energy. You might also need to think about replacing old doors and windows.

Neglecting Other Cooling Methods

When your AC unit is on, you may not worry about using other methods to cool your home. However, on especially hot days, you should employ any cooling methods you can to keep your system from working harder. This can include keeping blinds and curtains drawn, using house fans, and running dehumidifiers on muggy days.

Incorrect Thermostat Use

When programming your thermostat, you should set the temperature as high as you can tolerate. Avoid cranking the temp down in an attempt to cool your home more rapidly. Instead, employ a gradual program that will raise your temperature while you are away or asleep, then lower it to a comfortable temperature when at home and awake.

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