Fighting against allergens can seem like a losing battle, especially during the heavy pollen season in St. Rose. However, there are a number of ways to start allergy-proofing your home to keep your little one from the worst of their allergies or asthma symptoms. We’ve created a list of some of the best ways to allergy-proof your St. Rose home.

MERV-Rated Filters

MERV-rated filters are just as efficient as HEPA-rated filters but are less hard on your HVAC system. Due to the dense nature of HEPA-rated filters, HVAC systems often have to work hard to pump air through them. Medium-rated filters like MERV-rated ones trap pollens and other allergens just as efficiently as HEPA-rated ones. They help rid the air of troubling debris, from pollen to pet hair to dust. Just the filter isn’t enough though — regular changes will help keep its effect as strong as possible.

Check for Mold

Mold is a sneaky, pervasive home issue that may appear without you realizing. Favorite growth spots include behind the washing machine, under dishwashers, or around refrigerators — anywhere where the air is moist and warmer. Regularly check these spaces for mold and take care to clean off all traces if you find it.

Maintain Temperature

Mold and allergens love damp, warm conditions. During the hot St. Rose summers, it’s best to keep your AC on to help not only keep the air dry but also cool. This will help keep allergens to a minimum and reduce the chance of mold. Your HVAC system should do a good job keeping humidity from the air. If you notice any issues, be sure to get the issue checked out as soon as possible,

Your child’s health is important, and a fully functioning HVAC system should help keep them as healthy as possible. Regular maintenance and addressing issues as soon as they arrive is an important part of keeping your home allergy free. The experts at Bryans United Air Conditioning are more than happy to help keep your home safe and clean. Call 504-208-2071 today to set up a consultation to improve your air quality!

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