Heat pump efficiency is one of the most important measurements to consider when evaluating the operating costs of heating and cooling your home in New Orleans, LA. Explore some important tips for increasing your home’s heat pump efficiency below.

1. Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Regular service is the most important way of ensuring your heat pump remains in top shape. Regular maintenance is also the best way to ensure it continues producing heat and cool air for many years into the future. For maximum efficiency, schedule service two to three times a year.

2. Changing Filters

Dirty filters are among the most common reasons for heat pump malfunctions. Replacing your filter monthly throughout the year is essential. If your filter is dirty, it has the potential to block air from moving through and reduce the system’s refrigerant flow.

3. Replacing an Old Heat Pump

If your heat pump is old, consider replacing it. Newer models are more energy-efficient than ever before. They can provide heating and air conditioning at lower costs than a traditional system. Be sure to find an HVAC contractor to help you determine the best option for your home.

4. Set Your Thermostat

It’s important to set your thermostat to a consistent temperature, especially if you want to save money on utility bills. When setting your thermostat, ensure it is at least five degrees higher than the temperature you want for that day. This allows you to lower the temperature as the day progresses and will help you save energy.

The efficiency of your heat pump is a significant factor in how much money you spend on heating and cooling. It would be best to keep your heat pump as efficient as possible so you can enjoy the benefits of steady, comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning today for top-rated heat pump repairs and maintenance services.

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