Poor indoor air quality in your Harvey, Louisiana, home can have a number of negative effects on your family. Among those who suffer from allergies, dirty indoor air can lead to symptoms such as congestion, coughing, headaches, eye irritation, and throat issues. If anyone in your home has asthma, air quality is particularly important. These Harvey, Louisiana air purifiers can eliminate contaminants from the air and keep your home healthier.

Basic Air Purifiers

Air purifiers come in a range of sizes and types, each designed to remove allergens from the air. The most common purifier is a basic unit, which contains a HEPA-rated filter made of cotton, fiberglass, foam, or other particle-trapping material. This style of air purifier might sit on top of a table to provide air-cleaning benefits in a single room, or it might work with your home’s HVAC system to provide overall purification throughout the space. You will need to replace your filter regularly to make sure it can remove material from the air.

Ozone Generators and Ionizers

Ionizers and ozone generators work similarly. These purification methods produce ozone or ions, which have their own electrical charge. The electrical charge draws particles from the air, which have a neutral charge, and causes them to stick together instead of continuing to float around.

Carbon Filters

A carbon filter is another air purifying option. The activated carbon within the filter can trap gases and odors that pass through it, although this style of filter doesn’t always remove the larger particles from the air. If you’re unhappy with odors in your home, this type of filter can be a good option, but it’s usually used in conjunction with another type of purification method.

Using an air purifier as part of your indoor air quality strategy can protect your loved ones. Our team at Bryans United Air Conditioning can help you get the options you want. Contact us at 504-208-2071 to learn more.

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