There are plenty of energy-saving tips out there to keep your Metairie, Louisiana, home cool, like leaving fans on and keeping your home at a constant temperature. But do you know which are true? Here are three surprising energy efficiency myths you should know.

Leaving Fans on Will Keep Your Room Cool

Fans keep you cool, but they do not lower the temperature of a room. When you turn on your ceiling fan, it pushes air past your skin. This moving air helps evaporate moisture from your skin, and you lose body heat, which makes you feel cooler. Running a fan to keep cool only works when you’re there to enjoy it.

Don’t leave a fan on when you’re not in a room. You’ll save energy and lower your utility bills without affecting your comfort.

Lowering Your Thermostat Further Cools a Room Faster

Despite the impulse you may have when you’re really hot, your air conditioner does not work faster if you crank your thermostat to its lowest setting. A thermostat’s job is to tell your air conditioner what temperature to aim for, not how fast to get there. No matter what the thermostat setting, your HVAC system cools your home at a constant rate.

By turning your air conditioner down past your ideal temperature, you could be wasting energy if you don’t remember to set the thermostat back to a comfortable level. There’s no reason to pay to make your room colder than you need.

A Constant Temperature Saves Energy

Saving energy by leaving your house to the same temperature all day instead of reducing the cooling while you’re away is a myth. When it’s hot outside, allowing the temperature of your home to raise even a few degrees will save on utility costs.

Avoid hot rooms altogether by installing a programmable thermostat. Using a programmable thermostat is simple way to pre-program your air conditioner to turn off and on based on your schedule.

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