If you have a standby generator, it’s essential to be aware of the signs that it requires repairs. A faulty generator can leave your Metairie, LA home or business without power during emergencies, such as hurricanes. Keep an eye out for these key warning signs, and contact a NATE-certified technician if you notice any of them.

1. Your Generator Has Trouble Starting

One of the most obvious signs that your generator needs repairs is that it has trouble starting up. If it doesn’t start at all or takes several attempts to get going, there’s a good chance that something’s wrong.

2. Your Generator Runs Roughly

If your generator seems to be running rough or making strange noises, that’s another sign of a potential problem. Various issues can cause these problems, including a dirty air filter or spark plugs. If you notice that your generator isn’t providing as much power as it used to, it’s important to have it checked by an expert as soon as possible.


One of the major signs that your standby generator needs repairs is leakage. Leaks can cause damage and may lead to a loss of power during an emergency. When checking for leaks, be sure to look both inside and outside the system.

The Importance of Timely Repairs Before Hurricane Season

Getting any and all repairs completed before hurricane season is vital. A generator that isn’t working will likely fail when you need it the most. You can ensure that your generator will be ready to go when a storm hits by getting repairs done as soon as possible.

If you notice the above signs, don’t hesitate to contact Bryans United Air Conditioning; we’re here to help you keep your generator in proper working order. By getting maintenance or repairs done now, you can ensure yet another tool in your emergency response plan is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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