With skyrocketing energy costs and an increasing need to make environmentally friendly choices, solar AC presents a smart choice for many homeowners. Read on for six ways you can benefit from installing a solar air conditioning unit in your home.

Make Summers More Bearable

There’s no shortage of sun during a typical Gretna summer, and the combination of high temperatures and humidity means that most local homeowners run their air conditioners constantly to keep cool. If you’ve ever struggled to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the summer, a solar air conditioner might be the solution you’ve been looking for. These units work reliably no matter the weather, and their typical lifespan is 30 years. That means you can look forward to a generation of pleasant summers from the comfort of your solar air conditioned home.

Reduce the Load on Energy Grids

When a contractor installs a solar air conditioning system in your home, it includes two main components. One is the air conditioner, which generates cool air for your home. The second is the solar collector, a panel that’s typically positioned on your home’s roof in order to collect and store the sun’s energy. Because the solar air conditioner draws primarily on solar energy for its power needs, this system automatically reduces the load on energy grids. This can make a big difference in the summer, as local grids often struggle to meet increasing energy needs.

Save Energy at Home

Most standard air conditioners run on electricity, which can generate a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other environmentally unfriendly emissions. When you make the switch to solar, you can feel good about saving electricity while creating one of the most eco-friendly types of energy on the planet.

Depending on how much solar energy you collect, you may even generate more energy than you need to power your air conditioner. It’s possible to generate a profit by selling this energy to Gretna-area utility companies, giving you yet another incentive to switch.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Though converting to a solar air conditioning unit requires an initial investment to cover the new unit, the solar collector, and other accessories, lower utility bills help offset the cost. Homeowners usually see significantly lower bills each month. Since the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating and cooling make up nearly 50 percent of the average home’s energy use, relying on solar energy for cooling results in much lower bills.

To further lower your energy costs, consider adding additional features like a smart thermostat. This device allows you to program different temperature levels throughout the day or week, so you’re never wasting energy to cool your home when no one’s around.

Benefit From Tax Incentives

If you’re looking to benefit financially from a home improvement, installing a solar air conditioning unit is one of the smartest investments you can make. Homeowners in the Gretna area and throughout Louisiana can benefit from local, state, and federal tax incentives tied to solar energy equipment. Essentially, homeowners can get back up to two-thirds of the cost of a solar system through state rebates. As the U.S. Department of Energy details, homeowners can also receive state tax exemptions for solar equipment, which makes an investment in solar energy much more affordable.

Increase Your Home’s Value

In addition to all of solar energy’s environmental and financial benefits, installing a solar air conditioner can actually increase your home’s value. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homebuyers increasingly pay higher values for homes with rooftop solar panels. To see an even greater increase in your home’s value, consider installing a complete solar electric system in your home.

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