Your Gretna, LA home will keep its residents comfortable with an air conditioning unit. In order to keep your cooling unit working properly, you may consider investing in a regular maintenance service contract with us at Bryans United Air Conditioning.

The Services Provided During a Maintenance Visit

When our technician arrives, he or she will complete a thorough review of your unit. You can expect our specialist to check for leaks in your refrigerant lines and ductwork. If our technician discovers a leak, then he or she will fix the problem. With refrigerant leaks, we will reset the chemical levels after we stop the leak.

When you purchase an annual or biannual service contract through our air conditioning company in Gretna, we will check your unit’s motor and add lubrication to the mechanism’s moving parts. Often, your cooling machine’s fan blades will become full of lint, dust and debris, which may reduce your system’s effectiveness since the blades are unable to move as easily. Once we remove the grimy layer from your unit’s fan blades, your system will work efficiently to reduce your utility expenses.

Benefits of an Air Conditioning Unit

Your HVAC system provides more for your home and family than just comfortable temperatures. When you have a cooling unit, it will remove the moisture from your home’s air, which will prevent the growth of dangerous mold. If mold should grow in your home, then your home’s residents could suffer from breathing problems.

In addition to preventing mold growth, your HVAC unit includes an air filter, which will capture pollutants, debris and contaminants. An air filter will improve the air quality of your home and may prevent allergy symptoms from acting up in allergy sufferers. When you have a service contract with our air conditioning company in Gretna, LA, you’ll receive a quality air filter replacement during our maintenance review.

Reasons to Have an Air Conditioning Company On Hand

If your cooling system should fail, you’ll need quick service from our air conditioning company. Our technicians will repair your unit fast and professionally. We will also inform you when it’s time to replace your unit. In some situations, it may reduce your costs overall to purchase a new machine.

As your air conditioning company, we’ll arrive to service your unit during a time that is convenient for you. Also, our service crew will interact with you professionally and will check with you before beginning a repair. Our technicians can install your home’s new unit, complete repairs and maintain your system.

We can also place devices such as zoning units, which will allow you to heat and cool the spaces you use instead of the ones you don’t, and a programmable thermostat. If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, then you should consider adding one to your home since the device will help you improve your home’s efficiency.

When you call us for service at Bryans United Air Conditioning, we’ll make sure your cooling unit is working at its highest efficiency levels to keep your Gretna home comfortable year-round and your utility bills affordable.

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