It’s frustrating when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to. In the case of your heating system, it could be the air is too cold for the setting you have. It might be a rattling noise and it could also be that it doesn’t stay on when you need it to. 

The most discouraging or aggravating problem might be that the furnace won’t ignite when it should. Calling an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace is something that should be done, however, if you can’t determine the issue or you find it’s out of your expertise. 

One Or More Of These Problems Could Exist

  • Someone may have reset the thermostat, even accidentally. A thorough troubleshooting of this might be in order.
  • The furnace, if it hasn’t been used in a while, might be turned off. Locate the main switch and ensure it’s on.
  • Is the circuit breaker for the furnace turned off?
  • Looking at the furnace itself. Is the pilot light lit? If it’s fairly new, there may not be a flame, as it will probably use an electronic ignitor. If there’s no flame but there should be, try to relight pilot light.
  • Ensure the gas valve is on and supplying gas to the pilot light. 

Going through this checklist will assist you in making sure the problem isn’t a DIY simple fix. When your furnace won’t ignite, there’s nothing that makes your home less welcoming for family and friends. The investment you have made in your home can only be protected by the systems you have that help provide the comfort you expect. This is the time to call the experts that have been trained to handle these types of emergencies.

If your furnace won’t ignite, contact Bryans United Air Conditioning. We proudly serve the home comfort needs of homeowners throughout metro New Orleans since 1982.

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