Is your water heater making a funny noise, such as a popping, sizzling, or rumbling sound? Schedule a maintenance or repair session as soon as possible any time you hear the water heater in your Gretna, Louisiana, home making an odd noise. The quicker you get the water heater repaired, the less likely you’ll have to replace it.

Popping or Rumbling Noise

When the water heater makes a popping or rumbling noise, this is a sign that it has sediment buildup. The solution is to contact a professional plumber to flush the water heater. If you don’t flush it, it can’t operate at optimal efficiency. Sediment buildup can cause deterioration inside the tank that will eventually result in a leak. If you have an electric water heater, the sediment buildup can cause the electric heating element to burn out. Ultimately, it means you’ll have to replace the water heater if you don’t get it repaired.

Sizzling Noise

When the water heater makes a sizzling noise, this usually means the water flow is restricted. A technician can check the temperature and pressure relief valve to see if any water is coming out. This valve will open and let water out when there’s too much pressure inside the water tank, which will result in a water leak. A plumber can fix the pressure issue to stop the leak. This type of repair enables the water heater to operate at optimal efficiency and keeps your water bill from skyrocketing.

Ticking Noise

The water heater might make a ticking noise when there are pressure fluctuations inside your plumbing. This fluctuation can cause your plumbing pipes to rub against loose wood framing. A plumber can track down where the rubbing is occurring and secure the pipe. The plumber may install plastic spacers as well to keep the pipe from rubbing against the wood.

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