Thinking about switching over to a ductless heating and cooling system? This type of HVAC system comes with many benefits when compared to conventional options. Keep reading to learn about the top reasons why ductless may be right for your Gretna, Louisiana, home.

Precise Temperature Control

Ductless heating and cooling systems give you precise control over the temperature in each zone of your home. You can lower the temperature in the kitchen when you’re cooking, while keeping the other rooms at a more comfortable level. This not only helps you save on heating and cooling expenses, but it also enhances your indoor comfort by eliminating cold spots. You can even completely shut off the heat or cool air to certain rooms in the home where you don’t spend much time. This enhanced level of temperature control allows for optimal savings on your heating and cooling bills.

No Ductwork Maintenance

Since ductless systems don’t require the installation or use of ductwork, you don’t have to concern yourself with duct maintenance. Furthermore, because it’s a ductless system, there’s no need to worry about air leaks and energy loss in the ductwork. Ductless systems tend to be an excellent option for both older and newer homes where installing ductwork simply isn’t feasible.

Simple Installation

Another great reason to go ductless is that you can have the installation process performed in stages. You can start out in one room and then add additional new heating and cooling zones one at a time. This is ideal if you want to go ductless while sticking to a strict budget.

Quiet Operation

A ductless system has a compressor and condenser, both of which are located in the outside unit. This provides quiet heating and cooling, which further improves your indoor comfort level. Plus, all you have to do to switch from heating to cooling and vice versa is simply adjust the thermostat accordingly.

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