You see a pool of water around your outside air conditioning unit; however, there was no forecast for rain, and you have no clue if you should call for air conditioner maintenance or repair. First, turn off all electrical power to the air conditioning system, and if the system has its own circuit, make sure it is off. It is important that you do not attempt to diagnose the problem before calling for air conditioner repair service.

Although Bryans United Air Conditioning is a HVAC contractor, the company’s technicians can perform air conditioner maintenance and air conditioner repairs on your cooling system. We service customers in the metro New Orleans area of Gretna, LA.

When to Have Air Conditioner Repair

The system could have internal damage that you cannot see, and the reason for the leak may indicate a minor or major problem. If you leave the system running and the electrical and mechanical components are wet, it will short out and damage the parts inside. A small repair can add up to an expensive air conditioner repair bill.

Play it safe and call for air conditioner repair service. If you do not have a preventive maintenance agreement and you have not had recent air conditioner maintenance, now is the right time. Opening up the system without knowing what is wrong could be damaging to the system and cause you physical harm.

Condenser and Evaporator

The outdoor condenser could have a number of reasons why there is water pooling around it. A clogged condenser coil or nonworking motor could cause the refrigerant to leak creating a puddle. If the motor is not working, refrigerant is unable to move into the indoor unit, and excess refrigerant leaks causing flooding.

Additionally, the condensate pipe that drains the water away from the unit may clog due to mineral scale buildup. The condensate pan that holds any overflowing liquids from the unit can clog because of debris and leaves. If that is the case, water is unable to drain and causes the excess to pool.

The evaporator is the indoor unit of a split system and is another place where you may see water. If liquids are unable to drain, it backs up and causes flooding or pooling water.

Whether the water is pooling around your condenser or evaporator unit, smelling burnt odors or seeing smoke are reasons to call for emergency service. In either case, if a system undergoes scheduled air conditioner maintenance, it is less likely that you will have standing or pooling water. Preventative maintenance heads off small problems before they turn into major headaches or you end up with an expensive repair bill.

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, our service department and technicians are here to serve you whether it is an air conditioner repair or air conditioner maintenance for a system. If you need us for emergency service or information about air conditioner maintenance agreements, you can speak with one of our knowledgeable experts at our Gretna, LA location.

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