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New Orleans homeowners can benefit a lot from installing a high-efficiency air conditioner, but the quality of your A/C installation can matter as much as the quality of the new cooling system itself. It’s worth hunting around for the best HVAC contractor in your area to make sure you get an installer who’s an experienced expert in four aspects of air conditioner installation.


The air conditioner has to be properly sized for your home. Both over- and under-sized systems can impact your home comfort and energy bills. Over-sized units draw more power and tend to cool your home too quickly. That leads to more drastic temperature swings and less continuous operation. That’s a bad thing, especially when you consider that your air conditioner manages your home humidity while it runs.


In order to keep your home comfortable, your cooling system needs to deliver a certain amount of conditioned air through the vents as it runs. How much it needs to deliver depends not only on the size of your home, but also on the location of the central air system and the design of the ductwork. A unit that delivers too much airflow can cause disruptive air currents in your home and stir up dust.


Ducts should be sealed to prevent air leaks, insulated to prevent conditioned air from picking up any heat, and cleared of any obstructions. The manual dampers at each junction of your ductwork should be opened to the correct aperture to balance airflow to all the living areas of your home.


The air conditioner carries heat out of your home by evaporating, moving, and re-condensing refrigerant in refrigerant lines. This process is pressure-dependent, and too much or too little refrigerant in your system can impact energy efficiency or cause the A/C to stop working entirely.

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