A furnace is a workhorse heating system that provides ample and energy efficient comfort to the home. But, in New Orleans and surrounding vicinities, we don’t always need all that heating horsepower. Learn the difference between single-stage and two-stage systems by comparing furnaces and component performance, and understand which system can provide better comfort at a friendlier cost to the pocketbook.

Comparing Furnaces

The component which defines a single-stage or two-stage furnace is the gas valve. A furnace with a conventional single-stage gas valve operates at full capacity all the time. When a call for heating is received from the thermostat, the gas valve opens up full bore and quickly delivers home heating. After a few or several minutes, once the temperature setting is reached, the furnace shuts down.

A two-stage furnace powers on at full capacity at the thermostat’s signal in the same way which a single-stage furnace does. However, after a couple of minutes of 100-percent capacity heating, which quickly heats the heat exchanger, the two-stage gas valve reduces heating output to about 60 percent, depending on the setting which your HVAC professional sets the two-stage furnace.

The two-stage furnace remains in this lower output stage for long periods of time. The advantage of replacing your furnace with a two-stage furnace with long heating cycles are many:

  • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is much higher since the furnace remains in the lower heating mode longer.
  • Less noise is produced by a two-stage furnace than a conventional single-stage furnace.
  • Heating is smoother and more comfortable, especially when your two-stage furnace is outfitted with a interlinking two-stage blower motor.
  • The furnace experiences less wear and tear on components, which naturally reduces wear-associated maintenance issues and extends the life of system components.

When comparing furnaces, if you think a two-stage furnace is a better solution for your system replacement or new install, give us a call. Bryans United Air Conditioning serves Gretna, Laplace, St. Rose and surrounding areas.

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