Refrigerant is a liquid substance that enables air conditioners to produce cool air and heat pumps to produce warm air. The specific chemical that is used to provide heating and cooling is known as hydrochloroflurocarbons (HCFC). Until the last decade, R-22 was the most common HCFC refrigerant gas used by HVAC technicians when servicing heat pumps and air conditioners. When manufacturers created new heat pumps and air conditioners, they were only equipped to accept R-22. This was not a problem until the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uncovered research that showed how dangerous R-22 was to the earth’s ozone layers.

Bryans United Heating and Air Conditioning is a professional HVAC contractor in Gretna, Louisiana that cares about the environment. That is why we began using R-410a, an environmentally superior choice to R-22, long before the EPA required it. R-410a is a synthetic oil substitute that provides the same heating or cooling effect in HVAC equipment without the harmful environmental effects caused by R-22.

In addition to being better for the environment, R-410a can help your HVAC equipment operate more efficiently. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of R-410a, a service technician from our company can meet with you at your home or business. Bryans United Heating and Air Conditioning recommends that you replace an inefficient HVAC system as soon as possible to avoid being affected by EPA legislation.

As on January 1, 2010, HVAC companies in Gretna, Louisiana and nationwide were required by the EPA to make the switch from to R-410a. In response to complaints that some older systems still use R-22, the EPA extended this deadline to 2020. When that year arrives, the EPA will enforce consequences for anyone who manufacturers, sells or uses it. This is to encourage a gradual transition to R-410a.

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