With winter approaching, are you dreading the budgeting nightmare that comes with the heating bill? Don’t let the New Orleans chill cost you money. This year, get proactive about your heating costs by taking steps to winterize. Make it a fall family tradition and get your home ready for the drop in temperature that the winter weather brings.

Clean the Gutters

As you probably well know, there isn’t a lot of snow in the New Orleans area, but the area sees plenty of cold rain during the winter months. Clogged gutters only add to the discomfort and can damage the structure of your home. When it cools off in the fall, pull out the ladder and free the gutters. All it will cost you is a little time.

While you’re up there, look at the trees and take note of any dead branches that need to come down. Falling limbs are a hazard that can damage your roof, break windows, and tear down those sparkling gutters.

Pick up any debris around the foundation of your home, as well. Pay special attention to the areas around the air conditioning unit and any outdoor structures.

Ask for a Home Energy Audit

This is a step that will save you money all year long. An energy audit helps to identify places in the home that cost you. It will help you to identify leaky window frames, poor insulation and appliances that are less than efficient. You can contact your local utility company and ask for an audit or call in an HVAC service technician to evaluate your home.

Once you identify the areas that need an upgrade, you can make a repair plan and be ready in time for winter.

Change the Filters

Dirty filters mean a less efficient heating and air conditioning system. They restrict airflow and make your unit work harder than necessary. That extra energy translates into higher utility bills.

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we want to help you have the most budget-friendly winter ever. Let one of our NATE-trained contractors help evaluate your home. Contact us online or by phone at 507-208-2071.

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