Whether you’re questioning the location of your current thermostat or you’re trying to assess the ideal place for the new thermostat in your Kenner, LA home, understanding proper thermostat placement is essential. Find out why your Kenner, LA thermostat’s placement matters and learn how to find the best location for your device.

Why Is Thermostat Placement Important?

If you think that the most convenient location for you to access is the best place to install a thermostat, think again. Thermostats do much more than simply allow you to adjust the temperature or adjust the humidity level. These devices are also equipped with sensors that assess your home’s temperature, and the information it gathers is used to turn your HVAC on and off as necessary.

A thermostat that’s installed improperly can cause your HVAC system to run when it doesn’t need to, which means your home may never achieve the optimal temperature. Your HVAC system could also run inefficiently and even require repairs or break down prematurely.

Where Is the Best Place to Install a Thermostat?

To avoid those headaches, to take care to install your smart thermostat in the optimal location. First, avoid areas near doors and windows, which can produce warm or cool drafts and lead to inaccurate temperature readings. You’ll want to avoid areas near vents and registers, too. Next, avoid locations that receive direct sun exposure, which can substantially alter the temperature reading. Along the same lines, avoid installing your thermostat near appliances that produce heat, such as the dryer, the stove, or the oven.

For best results, install the thermostat as close to the center of your home as possible. Doing so will help you achieve an accurate reading, which will keep your family comfortable while helping your HVAC system run as efficiently as possible.

Whether you need more tips for setting your thermostat or you’re in the market for a more advanced smart device, we’re here to help. Call the HVAC experts at Bryans United Air Conditioning today: 504-208-2071.

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