The creation of air conditioning has changed the face of the world. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Southern areas like Luling, LA, where summers are long and hot. In the South, the arrival of air conditioning fostered rapid economic development and made it possible to build millions of new homes.

When and How Air Conditioning Was First Invented

Air conditioning was the near-accidental brainchild of John Gorrie. Gorrie, a physician in Apalachicola, Florida, built a basic air conditioner to cool the body temperatures of his yellow fever patients. Intrigued by what he perceived as the healing capabilities of cold air, Gorrie went on to devise new and more sophisticated forms of air conditioning before finally developing the world’s first ice machine in 1851.

How Modern Air Conditioning Changed the South

Gorrie’s explorations in indoor temperature control eventually led to the creation of the very first electric cooling unit by Willis Carrier in 1902. But how did these inventions change the South? Well, in a hot and muggy climate, access to air conditioning made food processing, industrial printing, and various forms of manufacturing possible in an environment that would otherwise prove unfit for this work. In other words, air conditioning brought both jobs and revenue.

Central HVAC Systems and Older Louisiana Homes

Not every home in Louisiana had air conditioning throughout the 20th century, and many homes still lack the necessary ductwork for supporting central HVAC systems in the 21st century. For quite some time, air conditioning in the South was a luxury home addition, and it highlighted the differences between economic classes.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Arrive on the Scene

The evolution of air conditioning has seen the recent arrival of ductless mini-split air conditioners. This innovative home cooling solution doesn’t require central HVAC ductwork. As such, consumers who own older homes that lack this feature can now enjoy efficient, whole-house cooling.

How We Can Help With AC Services

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we’re committed to keeping residents comfortable and cool. We offer heat pump installations, AC maintenance and repairs, and more. We also provide a comprehensive range of central HVAC and indoor air quality services.

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