As a homeowner in Metro New Orleans, LA, you may be wondering what the Advanced Energy Center’s report that the U.S. will be energy independent means for you. Taking steps on your own such as investing in efficient air conditioning options and air conditioner repair and installation services can extend the lifetime of your Metro New Orleans, LA home’s air conditioner. Our air conditioning specialists explain how the U.S. can become energy independent and what this means for you.

According to a report by the Advanced Energy Center, the U.S. can achieve energy independence by July 4, 2016 by investing in the exploration and harvesting of natural resources within the U.S. Exploring energy within shale deposits and investing in energy efficient residential and commercial air conditioning options has yielded an abundance of natural gas and other resources for use by Americans without resorting to foreign oil imports.

So what does this mean for your air conditioner? Domestic energy means lower operation costs directly through lower energy and lower air conditioner repair and installation service costs. When our air conditioning specialists are able to save on fuel, we pass this savings on to you in the form of lower air conditioner repair and installation service call fees.

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, our air conditioning specialists help you find energy efficient and affordable air conditioning options for your home. By taking steps to maintain your air conditioner, investing in energy efficient options and making a needed air conditioner repair and installation, you can do your part in helping the U.S. become energy independent. When you are ready to increase your home’s energy efficiency with a new air conditioner or green air conditioning options, our air conditioning specialists at Bryans United Air Conditioning are here to serve you.

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