You expect your Gretna, Louisiana, home to have adequate hot water for the daily tasks of life. Running the dishwasher, taking a relaxing shower after a long day, and doing a load of laundry are all part of the routine, and if your current water heater is struggling to keep up, let us evaluate whether a tankless water heater may be the solution.

Traditional Water Heaters Store a Limited Supply

A traditional water heater brings in cold water, fills the tank, and heats it through electricity or gas. The heated water rises to the top of the tank to be dispersed to the house and a supply is stored in reserve. Depending on its size, the number of gallons in the tank may or may not be sufficient for your household.

If you’re the last one in the house taking a shower on a cold winter morning, running out of hot water might come as quite a painful shock. Once the tank is empty, you have to wait until the internal elements can heat up the water again.

Tankless Water Heaters Supply On-Demand Hot Water

A tankless water heater, on the other hand, doesn’t store any water at all, so the hot water is delivered to your taps and appliances on-demand. Cold water is heated instantly through gas technology and the supply is endless. That makes a tankless water heating system more efficient because you only use energy to heat water when it’s needed.

Tankless water heaters are good for families of four or more people, or for homes with a large soaker tub that would deplete the hot water supply quickly. Also, tankless heaters are compact, so they can be installed in tight attics or crawl spaces where a traditional water heater doesn’t fit well.

The professionals at Bryan’s United are here for your water heater service needs. Call us today at 504-208-2071 for a consultation to find out if tankless is the right choice for your home.

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