AC efficiencyWhen the heat of summer sets in, there are days when it feels as if your survival itself depends on sitting close to a cranked-up A/C. The trouble is, as the temperature gets higher, so does your energy bill each month. Fortunately, you can save summer energy dollars by improving existing A/C efficiency.

  • Reduce excessive use. Use the A/C only when ventilation and overhead fans aren’t enough, and be sure to turn the temperature up eight or 10 degrees when you aren’t home. A programmable thermostat can be set to return your home to a comfortable temperature before you arrive home.
  • When you’re using an A/C, keep all doors and windows closed. If any are left open, warm air will flow into your home, forcing your cooling system to work harder than necessary. 
  • Minimize your indoor humidity by restricting hot-water activities (showering, washing dishes) to the evening and always running the exhaust vent or cracking a window in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Avoid using the “fan-only” option on your thermostat. Using it simply sucks hot air from outside into your home, and it wastes nearly as much energy as cooling the indoor air would.
  • Inspect your A/C’s air filter monthly, and change it when it looks dirty or clogged. This chore often gets overlooked, but it could boost your energy savings significantly this summer. You should never let the filter get dirty enough to impede the flow of air or degrade indoor air quality.
  • The condenser also needs regular upkeep, so be sure to have it cleaned by a professional on a yearly basis. 
  • Hire a professional technician to tune up your A/C annually. The professional will clean and inspect your system, looking for minor issues that could turn into major ones. He should recharge your refrigerant, measure airflow over the indoor coil, correct either situation if necessary, and if need be, seal and insulate your duct system.

For more help to save summer energy dollars by improving existing A/C efficiency, look no further than the experts at Bryans United Air Conditioning. We serve Greater New Orleans and surrounding communities, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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