The warmer temperatures of spring have arrived in the metro area of New Orleans, and this means you will soon be using your air conditioner nearly every day. If you don’t normally arrange for annual air conditioning repair and maintenance, now is the perfect time to start. When you have air conditioning repair and maintenance performed every spring, you can be confident your unit is prepared for the heavy use it will experience in the summer. It is common for air conditioning repair and maintenance companies in metro New Orleans to offer preventative maintenance service contracts, so contact the one closest to you to inquire about it.

When you arrange for preventative maintenance from an air conditioning repair and maintenance company, you can expect several things to be done to your unit. A technician will clean it thoroughly, both inside and out, before checking for any major problems. He or she will then check the drain, fans, motor, wires and more to make sure that they are in good operating condition. All fluid levels should be checked as well. Before the service technician leaves, he or she will run the air conditioner to ensure there are no strange noises or odors coming from it. Once everything looks okay, you will receive a report of everything the technician did during the appointment.

There are several advantages to having a preventative maintenance contract with a heating and cooling company. These include lowered utility costs, extending the life of the unit and detecting minor problems before they get worse. Additionally, most air conditioning repair and maintenance companies offer extended warranties, discounts on future parts and labor and preferred scheduling for non-urgent appointments. When you add up what you save in a year, it is well worth the small annual investment in a service contract.

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