You’ve already upgraded to a smart thermostat, but are you sure you’re getting the most out of it? Keep your New Orleans, Louisiana, home cozy this winter by taking advantage of your smart thermostat’s features.

Access Your Thermostat From Anywhere

One of the most-loved features of smart thermostats is that they connect to Wi-Fi, giving you access to your thermostat from anywhere. Feeling chilly on the couch? Change your thermostat’s settings without getting up. Want to make sure your pets are warm enough while you’re at work? Check your thermostat from there, and make any adjustments you need. Can’t remember if you changed the settings before leaving for the holidays with your family? Log in while traveling to avoid wasting energy or money heating an empty house.

Guard Against Human Error

We’re guilty of forgetting to lower the thermostat on our way out, too! Smart thermostats are programmable to adjust the temperature settings to fit with your needs. Smart thermostats can even learn your routine, meaning your thermostat can anticipate your needs without you having to program it. Let your smart thermostat give you one less thing to think about.

Maintain Your System’s Health

Smart thermostats can help you maintain the functioning of your heating system. A smart thermostat can tell you when the air filter is dirty, alerting you to the need to change it.

Another helpful feature of smart thermostats is alerting you when there appears to be a malfunction. Discovering a problem quickly means being able to solve it quickly, so you’re not left out in the cold.

Analyze Energy Use

Not only do smart thermostats keep your home comfortable for your family, but they serve as a tool in saving energy and money. Smart thermostats analyze your energy usage, giving you the information you need to improve efficiency and to lower your energy bills.

If you need assistance with optimizing your smart thermostat, contact Bryans United Air Conditioning. We have been proudly serving the metro New Orleans area since 1982! Contact us today at 504-208-2071.

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