As a homeowner in Gretna, LA, you do not have to suffer in the summer heat just to save money on your utility bills. Our air conditioning repair technicians offer money saving tips and services to keep you and your family comfortable all summer long, no matter how hot and humid it gets outside.

HVAC Maintenance

One of the most cost effective ways to keep cool this summer is to have your air conditioner serviced. Preventive maintenance including cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils and replacing the air filter increases your air conditioner’s efficiency by up to 15 percent.

Programmable Thermostats

Using a programmable thermostat to control your air conditioner can save you a significant amount of money. Set your thermostat to be 7 degrees higher while you’re away from home and 4 degrees higher while you’re asleep. Our air conditioning repair technicians will show you how to set up your thermostat or install one if your home does not have a programmable thermostat.

Daily Activities

During the daytime, keep your curtains and shades closed to block out the sun. Avoid using heat generating appliances such as clothes dryers, dish washers and your oven on hot days, as these cause your air conditioner to work harder. Take advantage of energy saving devices such as slow cookers, microwave ovens and clothes lines to save money and keep cool.

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, our air conditioning repair technicians will help you keep cool and save money this summer in your Gretna, LA home. Whether you need maintenance, air conditioning repair or the installation of a new central air conditioner, our services are cost effective and affordable. When you are looking to lower your utility costs, save money and keep comfortable, our team at Bryans United Air Conditioning is here for you.

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