Because water heaters lose their efficiency after 12 years, it becomes crucial that homeowners in the Metro New Orleans area have prior knowledge of the capacity, fuel source, and type of water heater to choose for their homes. However, many homeowners always wait until there is a desperate need before seeking the right guidance on or even bothering to buy water heaters.  Therefore, it is only logical to shop before there is a critical demand for a utility as important as a water heater.  Since shopping for the best and most durable water heaters is tricky, Bryans United has created an excellent list of the factors you should consider before buying a water heater.

The Capacity

When you are ready to obtain a new water heater, capacity matters. Because the water heater serves the entire household, you must ensure it is large enough to hold water for heating. Also,  with storage tank water heaters, you should verify the first-hour rating; for tankless water heaters, you should confirm the gallons-per-minute rating. These ratings will help you determine the overall capacity of hot water that your heater can deliver over a specific period. 

Types of Water Heater

Three types of water heaters are the most efficient. The commonest one is the storage tank heater that stores water until you need it. Another one is the tankless heater that uses a heating coil to increase the water temperature; also,  tankless heaters are the most energy efficient. Lastly, the heat pump or hybrid heater that uses 60 percent less energy than the electric heater. 

The Fuel Source Options

Before replacing a water heater, it is important to determine its fuel source. If your water heater operates on electricity and you have access to natural gas, then you would find it cost-effective if you switched from electricity to natural gas.  Though for electric fuel sources, your utility company may still offer special rates for off-peak periods to save you money. 

After buying the right kind of water heater, installing it can be complicated and time consuming. So contact Bryans United to have your water heater professionally installed. Go to our website or call 504-208-1166 to schedule customized installation service.

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