REME HALO induct air purifier uses reflective electromagnetic technology to produce hydro-peroxide plasma and distributes it through the air handler. The hydroperoxide sweeps through your home, actively purifying contaminants at the source. Here are the benefits of using a REME HALO advanced air purification whole home induct air purifier in Gretna, LA.


REME HALO is zero ozone compliant and doesn’t contain mercury. It uses ionized hydroperoxide, which is a safe indoor air quality solution. The technology in REME HALO combines oxygen and humidity, making it a safer alternative to remove dust particles in your home.

Efficient and Convenient

REME HALO air purifiers are very efficient in providing home purification. They occupy less space in your home and don’t produce noise during operation. They’re usually placed in the air ducts of your HVAC system, enabling them to cover your entire home.

REME HALO provides a high MERV, which will help to improve your health and comfort. It reduces sneeze germs within 3 feet of their source.

REME HALO air purifiers reduce airborne and surface microbes, bacteria and viruses. They have proven effective in reducing smoke, VOCs, odors, allergens and dust.

The REME HALO cell has a shroud around it which you can adjust to provide a higher or lower flow of ionized particles. This unique feature allows you to control the output by increasing or decreasing the size of the air to move through.

Cost Effective

Portable air purifiers may need frequent maintenance and replacements. However, REME HALO air purifiers don’t require frequent maintenance measures as long as you install them properly. You’ll be able to save on monthly energy costs.

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