On average, a heat pump can last for up to 15 years. Without proper care and maintenance, though, it might not last as long, prompting premature replacement. Find out below the best ways to extend the lifespan of your Luling, LA heat pump.

Change the Air Filters

Depending on the system, filters are either reusable or for one-time use. Check on their conditions frequently and replace them every one to three months to increase efficiency. Over time, debris and dust build on the surface, causing clogs.

Avoid DIY Repairs

Always hire experts to do all the repairs on your heat pump. Errors may occur during DIY repairs, leading to inefficiency or a complete breakdown of your system. They also void the warranty, which makes you liable for costly future repairs.

DIY repairs may also endanger your life by increasing the risk of electrocution. Moreover, they can cause fires and result in property damage. Reach out to a technician for any repair work since they have the relevant knowledge and experience. Experts also have specialized repair tools, which aren’t found in most home stores.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

A heating system requires seasonal tune-ups to maintain energy efficiency. It would be best to schedule service during the fall to ensure complete comfort throughout the winter months. During your maintenance visit, a trained technician will clean the entire system, remove all the accumulated dirt that speeds up the process of wear and tear, and more. The visit also includes identifying and correcting any minor problems. When left unattended to, these may develop into major concerns that lead to a breakdown.

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing homeowners with outstanding HVAC services, including heat pump repairs and replacements. Contact our trusted team today for heat pump repair and maintenance services.

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