lower heating billsEven though New Orleans winters tend to be mild, we still have cold fronts that require us to turn up the furnace. Last year, our area saw days of prolonged freezing temperatures. If similar weather returns, homeowners need to be prepared. 

While you’ve probably already insulated your home and turned the thermostat down, the following tips can help you lower heating bills even more.

  • Stop the drafts – Ever notice a draft from electrical boxes when a cold front hits? You can eliminate them by taking off the plates and applying acrylic latex caulk around the gaps. For larger gaps, use foam sealant. Just place a foam gasket over the outlet before replacing the cover plate.
  • Heat small spaces – Lowering the thermostat by even a degree will make a big difference on heating bills. Most experts recommend setting the thermostat at 68 degrees during the winter, but if that’s too chilly, you can keep occupants warm by using a space heater.
  • Hold on to your heat – Heat rises and may be leaking through the attic access door, warming a seldom-occupied space. Attach a fiberglass batt of insulation to the attic side of the door to eliminate leaks and drafts.
  • All that glass – Lower heating bills by covering windows and patio doors with inexpensive plastic film. You may eliminate heat loss by 14 percent or more.
  • Holes in the wall – Heat may also be escaping and cold air entering through gaps around pipes, cables and gas lines. Seal them with expanding foam.
  • Mind the gap – Adjust door thresholds if you see daylight under them. Make sure they aren’t dragging against the ground or they will wear out faster. 
  • Up the chimney – Of course, you need to close the chimney flue, but adding an inflatable chimney balloon gives extra protection by keeping heat from escaping.

For more tips on how to lower heating costs this winter, contact us at Bryans United Air Conditioning. We’ve been serving New Orleans since 1982. 

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