Before you seriously consider making energy-efficient upgrades to your New Orleans home, know where your home would benefit the most from extra work. Here are three ways a home performance evaluation can help you save money.

Tighten the Building Envelope

When you have a home performance evaluation, one of the most helpful things you’ll learn is where you can most effectively tighten your home’s building envelope. Whether you conduct a DIY evaluation or call in a professional, it’s easy to identify problematic areas around doors, windows, and the foundation. By simply sealing these cracks and leaks with caulk and weatherstripping, you can effectively tighten your home’s building envelope.

Once you’ve made these improvements, it’s a good time to consider finally upgrading your HVAC system. Look for an energy-efficient model with an Energy Star label to make the most of your energy-efficient improvements.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A home performance evaluation can also identify potential health issues like excess moisture or poor ventilation in your home. You can often address minor issues by using exhaust fans to ventilate the kitchen and bathroom, as well as using ceiling fans to circulate air throughout your home.

To address major indoor air quality issues, you may need to take additional steps. A whole-home dehumidifier keeps your home’s moisture levels comfortable, while an energy-recovery ventilator flushes stale air out and draws in fresh air. An HVAC professional can recommend the best modifications for your home.

Consider Installing a High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling System

Once a home performance evaluation helps you better understand your home’s energy efficiency potential, you might be inclined to consider adding a high-efficiency system to the mix. With a high-efficiency system, you can meet your climate control needs while lowering your energy consumption and utility bills. When you contract the experts at Bryan’s United Air Conditioning, you’ll have the option of installing a full range of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. 

Ready to make a difference in your energy consumption? Contact Bryan’s United Air Conditioning, your local New Orleans HVAC pros, at: (504) 208-2071.

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