Your air conditioning system is a significant investment for your Metairie, LA home’s comfort. However, some errors can compromise the performance of your AC and increase operational costs. Here are four costly mistakes that could impact your energy bills.

1. Improper Sizing of Your Cooling System

The capacity of your AC must match the room’s cooling requirements for optimal performance of your system. If you have an undersized unit, it may not cool your home sufficiently. The system will run continuously and increase your utility bills.

On the other hand, an oversized AC will keep cycling on and off to avoid damaging critical components. The sizing of the system will also impact humidity and temperature regulation. A thorough assessment of your home is necessary during installation to ensure your system is the right size and functions efficiently.

2. Not Adjusting Thermostat Settings

It is not advisable to run your AC on the same settings throughout the day. According to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, you can save 4% to 8% for every degree increase in summer. The recommended setting for summer is a minimum of between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also save energy by lowering temperatures when away from home. Consider using a programmable thermostat to create multiple profiles for different times of the day.

3. Lowering Thermostat Settings to Cool the Room Faster

It’s a common misconception that choosing a low setting will make your AC cool the room faster. However, the smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature, the more efficiently your AC will run.

Choosing a very low setting will only overwork your AC, causing it to age faster and require multiple repairs. You may also notice a sudden rise in utility bills.

4. Not Adhering to Routine HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioning equipment will require routine tune-ups to prevent system failures. If you ignore maintenance, your AC may develop issues that compromise its performance. It’s always best to schedule maintenance in the spring before temperatures hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, our timely service can restore your air conditioner promptly to prevent unnecessary repairs or replacement costs. Consult one of our experienced technicians today.

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