save energyYou probably don’t want to stand pat with your older home. Even if you’ve made a few energy-saving upgrades in recent years, there’s probably a lot more you can do to improve efficiency. Here are some tips for relatively simple energy-saving upgrades.

Save Energy in an Older Home

  • Your window and doors are likely leaking air, letting warm air escape in the winter and infiltrate your home in the summer. Replace old, worn-out weatherstripping on window sashes and door jambs. Caulk around window and door frames, or anywhere where you can see gaps.
  • Inspect the exterior walls of your house and using caulk or expanding foam and seal any leaks. Likely spots for air leaks in homes are places where the foundation is connected to walls or rim joists and openings for electrical wiring, plumbing and vents. From the inside, walk along the interior perimeter of your home with a smoke pencil or incense stick. Hold it near probable areas for air leaks. If the smoke wavers, you’ve found a leak.
  • Add insulation to the attic — the place in the home where heat loss and gain are most likely to happen, and luckily, the easiest place to add insulation. If the insulation on the attic floor doesn’t rise to the top of the floor joists, add some more. Talk to your HVAC technician about what type of insulation is best for the attic, and how best to apply it.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. While you may try to manually adjust a regular thermostat so it’s not fully heating or cooling the house 24/7, it’s much easier and more effective to have a programmable thermostat do it for you. This is among the most effective energy-saving upgrades.
  • Schedule a professional energy audit for your home so you can be secure in knowing that trained technicians, employing their know-how and sophisticated tests and tools, have scoured your home to find more ways to save energy.

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