ductless mini split

Ductless mini splits need annual professional service to drive performance and help extend the system’s lifespan. Ductless units also need periodic care through the seasons to keep components clean. Use the following maintenance and cleaning tips to lower energy bills and boost performance from your ductless system.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Outdoor cabinet – Use a level tool to make sure the outdoor cabinet is level. The compressor is housed in the cabinet and needs to be level to keep the refrigerant and oil separated. Use a garden hose to wash the cabinet once a month. This helps prevent the compressor from overheating due to dirt buildup and promotes better heat exchange at the condenser coil.
  • Indoor cabinet – The sleek indoor cabinet should be wiped clean once a month. Dust collects from return airflow, and there are sensors that measure the temperature of the airflow. Keep it clean for accurate readings.
  • Check the air filter – Maintaining a clean air filter is important to protect the air handling unit inside the cabinet. Filter systems vary in technology in ductless systems. Carefully follow manufacturer instructions for filter cleaning.
  • Evaporator coil – Remove the cabinet to access the evaporator coil. In “cool” mode, condensate forms on the evaporator which attracts dirt and mold. Inspect the coil for these contaminants. If the coil isn’t overly dirty and there’s no sign of mold, you can simply wipe the coil clean with a soft cloth. If there’s heavy buildup or you spot mold, clean the coil with a foaming coil cleaner.
  • Condensate pan and drain – Inspect the condensate pan for mold and algae. Mix one cup of a 50/50 water and bleach solution and pour it into the pan. This will stave off micro-organisms and clear the drain line.

Ductless mini splits are designed to deliver years of efficient cooling and heating if they’re well maintained. To learn more, check out Bryan’s United Air Conditioning maintenance tips and services, or call 504-208-2071.

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