The Gretna cooling season is long, hot and humid, and keeping your air conditioner in top working order this summer is likely a high priority on your list. If you haven’t already scheduled preventive maintenance on your system, it’s not too late. It will make a big difference in the efficiency of your air conditioner, lowering your energy costs and preventing these common A/C problems during the hottest time of the year.

Low refrigerant
Your air conditioner needs the exact amount of refrigerant specified by the manufacturer of your system. Lower levels of refrigerant will prevent your air conditioner from cooling optimally. During a tune-up, your HVAC technician will measure the level of refrigerant and check for leaks if it’s low. Any leaks will be repaired and the system topped off with the correct level of refrigerant.

Dust buildup
Over time, dust builds up inside your system, lowering its efficiency and causing the premature failure of essential components such as the fan and motor. Annual maintenance includes removing the dust from the interior of your system. Once it’s clean, you can help prevent dust buildup by performing these monthly tasks:

  • Vacuum around your inside unit to remove dust that can enter your system.
  • Hose down your outside unit to remove dirt and debris from the fins.
  • Check your air filter and replace it when you can no longer see through it.

Electric control failure
Corroded wires and terminals and loosened electrical connections can spell disaster for your air conditioner. Your technician will tighten the electrical connections and inspect your system for corrosion and other wiring problems and test the controls of your system to ensure it cycles properly.

Drainage problems
Debris obstructing your condensate drain can cause the condensate pan to overflow, shutting down your system. During your tune-up, the condensate drain will be flushed to help prevent this problem. If a clog occurs, remove it with a plumber’s snake.

For more expert advice about preventing and addressing common A/C problems, please feel free to contact us at Bryans United Air Conditioning, keeping New Orleans area residents comfortable year round. 

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