As an entrepreneur, your main goal should be to reduce operating costs, enhance environmental sustainability and maximize profits. You can achieve all these by reducing energy wastage from your HVAC system and maintaining its efficiency. Discussed below are some of the steps you can take to enhance HVAC energy efficiency in your Jefferson, LA, business.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Maintaining the desired temperature settings in a business environment is sometimes hectic. However, business owners can remove the burden of manually setting the temperatures to meet their employees’ temperature needs with a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to focus on reducing wasted energy and enhancing sustainability because you can set higher or lower temperatures in the workplace when employees aren’t at work, reducing energy costs.

Smart thermostats come in different seven-day models that allow you to change temperature settings every day of the week. You can also find the 5+2 day models ideal for workplaces that operate for only five days. A qualified technician will advise you on the most effective programmable thermostat for your business.

Inspect the Ductwork and Seal the Air Leaks

If you’re conducting business in an old building, there might be leaking in the ductwork system, mainly because the insulating material wears off with time. These leaks cause the air conditioning to work twice as hard because of the escaping air. You should contact an experienced HVAC technician to seal these air ducts to maximize efficiency.

They can use foil tape, mastic tape or blown-in duct sealant to seal these ducts. Your technician can also wrap these ducts to increase the insulation effect. The leaks will majorly develop underneath the building or in the basement areas, and sealing these air leaks will reduce the energy consumption of the HVAC system.

Upgrade the HVAC System

Sometimes, you will need to replace or upgrade your HVAC system to reduce energy loss and increase the system’s sustainability. Operating a heating and cooling system past its intended lifespan will increase the maintenance costs and increase energy loss.

Most HVAC units have a lifespan of 10 to f15 years, and once it hits this age, you should consider replacing it with energy-efficient systems. Modern systems reduce energy costs and help improve environmental sustainability. If you are a business owner at Jefferson, LA, you should contact our experienced technicians at Bryans United Air Conditioning for HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services.

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