With some simple improvisations, you can convert the basement or another enclosed area in your Harvey, Louisiana, home or business into a wine cellar. Maintaining the temperature of the cellar plays a critical role in preserving the quality of your expensive wine collection, making it your top priority. Every restaurant owner, sommelier, or professional wine buyer should know about the best temperature and humidity levels that need to be maintained in a wine cellar.

Maintain the Right Temperature

Higher temperatures cause premature aging. Too high temperatures can cook your wine, resulting in stale and dull odors. Excessively low temperature, on the other hand, freezes the wine and expands it, which in turn, pushes the cork out and exposes the wine to the outside air. The ideal temperature for long-term aging is between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with 55 degrees Fahrenheit being close to perfect.

Keep the Temperature Constant

Maintaining a consistent temperature is important. Rapid temperature swings may result in cooked flavors. Additionally, drastic changes in temperature can cause expansion and contraction of the wine, resulting in seepage and allowing the oxygen to get inside the bottle.

Regulate the Humidity Level

Make sure the air in your cellar contains enough moisture. Dry air can dry out the corks and let the air seep into the bottles. However, prevent the cellar from getting too damp because that can promote mold growth and contaminate the wine. Try to keep the humidity level at about 70 percent and never let it go below 50 percent. Installing a wine cellar climate control system can help you maintain an ideal environment for your vintage collection.

In addition to the temperature and humidity requirements, keep the cellar dark. Wine degrades and ages prematurely in direct sunlight. Storing the bottles horizontally (in sleeping position) saves space and prevents the corks from drying. Avoid moving or shaking the bottles unnecessarily since that may make the wine gritty.

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