It’s no secret that renovations to your New Orleans, LA home can be a headache. Although renovations are ultimately worth it, they do present concerns for you and your family. Take into consideration these three ways that renovations affect your home and utility bills.

Indoor Air Quality

Renovations are messy and dusty, which in turn contributes to poor IAQ. It’s best to renovate when the weather is mild so you can keep the doors and windows open and let fresh air circulate. High-quality air is better for your health, so try to keep your home free of dust and debris. If it’s possible for the workers to complete the messiest labor around a family vacation, even better. It will be easier on you and your family if you’re not around during major improvements.

HVAC Needs

If you are having an addition built on your home, your HVAC needs could significantly change. If you have a traditional system with ductwork, you will need to decide whether to extend the ductwork to your addition, use a mini split ductless system in that room, or invest in a whole new system. Now might be the time to upgrade to an Energy Star system or to change from a traditional system to a heat pump. Your HVAC contractor can map out all the options and help you decide what’s best for your budget.

Decrease Your Utility Bills

Since you’re renovating, now is the time to discuss energy-saving options with your HVAC contractor. Maybe you want to move away from ducts to a ductless system. If you’re upgrading appliances, consider Energy Star appliances. Find landscaping techniques that provide shade to your home in the hot summers. Since you’re renovating anyway, making a few more improvement could mean major savings on your utility bills.

If you’re thinking about renovating your home, make sure you take your HVAC system into consideration. Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 and speak to a professional about your HVAC options today.

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