As the weather in Laplace, Louisiana, starts to get warmer, homeowners are running their HVAC units for more hours. The longer an HVAC system runs, the more likely that something might go wrong. We’ve put together a few tips on how to avoid finding yourself in an emergency situation with no AC during the hottest months of the year. Here’s how to avoid needing emergency AC repair in LaPlace, LA this summer.

HVAC Maintenance

If you’re trying to avoid an emergency situation with your HVAC, there are a few minor maintenance tasks that you can do with your own HVAC. Your maintenance should include changing air filters, doing a visual check of your outdoor unit for any physical damage, trimming bushes and trees near the outdoor unit, listening for strange noises, and keeping an eye on your energy bill — a drastic change in cost could mean that there’s a leak or something wrong with your system.

If you notice any changes with how your HVAC system is running, don’t hesitate to call and set up an appointment.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling an annual or bi-annual check-up for your HVAC system can help you to avoid costly emergency repairs and save money. When a trained HVAC technician does a check-up on your system, he will look for potential problems. When problems are caught early, they’re often less costly to fix.

Regular HVAC maintenance can also save you money by keeping your HVAC system running at peak energy efficiency.

Run Your AC Less

The more hours a day that your HVAC system has to run to cool your home, the more likely it is to need a repair. One simple way to avoid HVAC repairs is to run your AC fewer hours during the day. You can do this by slightly adjusting the set temperature in your home. For example, if you normally set the thermostat to 74, try setting it to 76 during the day when you’re not at home.

If you’re convinced you need an HVAC tune-up, call Bryan’s United Air Conditioning today at 504-208-2071 to schedule your appointment.

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