Like most household appliances, water heaters don’t last forever. Since you need your water heater for bathing, cooking, and cleaning every day of the year, you don’t want to risk a breakdown. Watch for these three signs that it’s time to replace your Gretna, Louisiana, water heater.

It’s More Than a Decade Old

Most conventional storage water heaters last for about 10 to 15 years, and tankless water heaters last for more than 20 years. Until it reaches its average life expectancy, the Bryans United Air Conditioning team typically recommends that you repair or maintain your water heater when issues arise.

After that point, however, repairs can have diminishing turns and it’s time to replace your water heater with a new model. Though replacing your water heater comes at a cost, it gives you the opportunity to invest in new technology or purchase a high-efficiency model that can help you save.

It Keeps Getting Noisier

Noisy water heaters can be irritating, but this is also the sign of a serious problem. Over time, sediment builds up inside storage water heater tanks. This sediment hardens more with each use, which gradually reduces efficiency.

Eventually, this sediment buildup will cause the water heater to fail. if the rumbling noises don’t get your attention, the cracks and small leaks in the storage tank probably will.

It Produces Rusty Water

Whether you’re cooking, bathing, or cleaning the house, you expect clean, pure water. Rust-colored water coming out of your faucets is a definite red flag.

To make sure that the rust isn’t coming from your plumbing system, try running just the cold water. If that looks clear but the hot water looks rusty, then an aging water heater is probably the culprit. Call our team to take a closer look, and we’ll diagnose the issue and advise about a replacement.

Worried that your water heater won’t last much longer? Call Bryans United Air Conditioning  at 504-208-2071 to schedule a new installation today.

Since you need your water heater for bathing, cooking, and cleaning every day of the year, you don’t want to risk a breakdown.

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