With summer just around the corner, nothing is more important than maintaining top-notch indoor air quality. Temperatures and humidity are rising, which lead to more impurities in the air, causing the quality of your air to plummet. However, there are ways to counteract the effects of the summer. Follow these tips to improve your home’s summertime air quality and breathe easier in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Because your air ducts are responsible for the flow of air throughout the home, they also play a vital role in air quality. Over the course of months or years, these air ducts fill with dust, dirt, and other contaminants like mold. Mold, especially in the summer, becomes problematic when it mixes with the moisture in the air. When you turn on your air conditioner when it’s hot, these pollutants run freely through the system into your home. That’s why it’s important to get an air duct cleaning before the steamy summer temperatures arrive.

Use Organic Pesticides

There’s no question that summer temperatures increase the prevalence of insects and other bugs. To combat these bugs, many homeowners use harsh chemicals and aerosols that expel pollution into the air. Instead of opting for these pesticides, try some organic alternatives. These effective organic pest killers and repellents include diatomaceous earth, catnip, bay leaves, and soybean oil. 

Head Outdoors or Open Windows

It’s a shame to stay inside when the outdoors provide comfortable temperatures and sunlight to enjoy. Instead of getting cooped up inside, try heading to a park, your porch, or a deck during the summer. If you simply must stay inside, try opening the windows in the evening, as it lets in some fresh air and allows any contaminated air to go outside.

This summer, don’t let your indoor air quality make you ill and prevent you from a memorable season. Instead, follow these tips or call the pros at Bryan’s United Air Conditioning for some expert advice on how to improve your air quality. You can reach us at 504-208-2071 today.

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