As temperatures climb and your A/C works overtime, you can quickly watch your energy bills skyrocket. Cut the heavy load on your air conditioner and your cooling costs by following these tips.

  • Renew attic insulation — When outdoor temperatures soar, attics heat up fast and this results in a hotter home. Have your attic insulation checked and fortified.
  • Add fans — Fans use little energy and decrease a room’s temperature by several degrees. Ceiling fans work a little better than floor fans, but any fan is better than no fan.
  • Cut heat emitted by appliances — Your oven, dishwasher and clothes dryer add heat to your home when running. If you must bake in the summer, do so in the late evening or early morning when it’s cooler. Otherwise, grill outdoors and use your microwave more for cooking. Also, run the clothes dryer and dishwasher only during the cooler hours.
  • Use cooler lighting — Remove halogen or incandescent bulbs from your light fixtures. These hot bulbs increase a room’s temperature. Replace them with either CFL or LED bulbs, which are far cooler.
  • Get your A/C tuned up — If your A/C system is dirty or falling into disrepair, efficiency is compromised and your cooling costs will jump. Get your A/C tuned up as soon as you can and you will see a positive change in your energy bill. For best results, have your ducts checked for leaks at the same time.
  • Add shades — Standard window glass doesn’t insulate very well. The scorching sun will shine through and heat a room until it feels like an oven. Add shades to all west-facing windows that receive afternoon sunlight. Insulating shades are best, but any shades help significantly. 
  • Seal air leaks — Keep hot air outside where it belongs by sealing all gaps in the foundation, around ductwork and around windows or doors. 

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