Sometimes referred to as a heat pump or a mini-split, a ductless heating system can heat your Marrero, Louisiana, home without the energy loss of a traditional ductwork system. A ductless heating unit consists of an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler, linked by a small conduit.

With an energy-efficient ductless heating system, you can heat retrofitted rooms or replace a portable heater to increase comfort and warmth in your home.

Heating & Cooling Rooms Individually

Referred to as zoned heating, a ductless system allows you to set the temperature in different rooms using separate air handlers. Using a ductless mini split, one outdoor compressor can connect up to four air handlers. In other words, you can heat living spaces comfortably while keeping the temperature in unoccupied rooms low, but not off.

Zoned heating is an effective way to keep rooms used most often in your home feeling warm. You also save money on your energy bill by lowering the heat in unoccupied rooms.

Replace Older Supplementary Heating & Cooling

If your main heating system is not able to heat your entire house, you may have turned to supplementary heating to remove cold spots. But baseboard heaters and portable heaters, such as ceramic, kerosene, or infrared units, are not always cost-effective options. Certain types of these heaters become hot to the touch, making them dangerous for pets or small children.

With a ductless system, the indoor air handlers are typically secured high on the wall, out of the reach of furry paws or small hands, and the heating becomes more energy-efficient.

Heating & Cooling Retrofitted Rooms

Changing a forced air heating system’s ductwork to include a new room can be a complicated process. Ductless systems offer an easy way to heat any new or retrofitted rooms in your house. A ductless system can typically be professionally installed in a day.

The experts at Bryans United Air Conditioning can help you select and install a ductless system in your Marrero home. Call us at 504-208-2071 to learn how we can help you keep the temperature in your home comfortable for you and your family.

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