Although the thermostat directly links to the HVAC system, this device often goes ignored at a corner in a room due to its small size. Therefore, you should keep checking on the condition of your thermostat because a slight problem with the unit will negatively affect the comfort of your family. Discussed below are three signs that you need to replace your thermostat.

Incorrect Temperature Readings

If your thermostat readings and room temperature readings don’t coincide, then your thermostat might have a problem. For example, if the thermostat readings show a higher temperature, but your home feels much colder than that, you should consider switching the location of your thermostat.

A thermostat will give inconsistent temperature readings in areas where the temperature fluctuates regularly, such as the kitchen or laundry room. Misuse, manufacturing defect, malfunctioning thermostat sensor or an old thermostat will also cause incorrect temperature readings. You should consult with your HVAC technician, who will advise you on whether the thermostat needs replacement.

Old/ Outdated Thermostat

If you’re using a thermostat that has been in the market for more than 20 years, you should upgrade it to a smart thermostat. Most thermostats have a lifespan of ten years, and you’ll need to upgrade them as soon as the lifespan expires.

A smart thermostat has more advanced features compared to a non-programmable thermostat. You can also use a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat to control the temperatures remotely.

The HVAC System Keeps Turning On/Off

As mentioned before, the thermostat acts as the primary communication channel to your HVAC system, and it gives off signals of either increasing or decreasing the temperature in your home. Therefore, if the HVAC system doesn’t respond to the thermostat readings, you should contact an experienced HVAC technician to diagnose the problem.

A damaged wiring system inside the thermostat can compromise its connection to the HVAC system. A technician will be able to tell whether your thermostat needs repair or replacement. If you reside in St. Rose, LA, contact us at Bryans United Air Conditioning for all your thermostat installation and maintenance services.

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