Cold weather can mean unpredictable storms in the New Orleans area and Louisiana homeowners can never be too prepared. Learn three reasons you might need a generator this winter, and ready yourself for any weather the season sends your way.

Provide a Backup for the Heating System

For most New Orleans residents, the highest priority during the winter months is to stay warm and dry. When a thunderstorm or other extreme weather situation causes a power outage, a backup generator is the most effective way to keep the heat on. After all, wearing additional layers and insulating with blankets can only keep you warm during a short-term power loss.

For a longer power outage that lasts several days, you’ll want to have a safe, effective method for keeping your heating system running. At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we can walk you through your options and help you assess whether a Honeywell 25 kW liquid cooled generator or a 15 kW air cooled model would better fit your home’s needs.

Maintain a Dry House

If you’ve been a New Orleans area resident for long, you know that serious storms can quickly lead to flooding. If your home relies on a sump pump to keep the basement and other areas of your home dry, it’s critical to keep the pump running smoothly. Plan ahead by installing a backup generator, and you’ll keep the sump pump running without interruption through the storm.

Keep the Essentials Running

Power outages that last more than 12 hours can cause all of the food in your refrigerator to spoil, leaving you without a way to prepare it safely. With a backup generator, however, you have options. Keep the refrigerator running, fire up the stove, and keep your family well-fed throughout the storm. Bryans’ experienced generator techs can help you decide on the right generator to supply your power demands.

Could your home benefit from extra power this winter? Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning to learn more about the right generator for your home: 504-208-2071.

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