Attic ventilation plays a crucial role in lowering energy costs. It prevents moisture from building up and extends the life of your roofing system, whether you’re in a warm or cold climate or a mild climate such as Gretna, Louisiana. Installing proper attic ventilation prevents expensive problems by allowing cool air to enter the attic and ventilating moist, hot air away. It also has the following benefits for your roof and your wallet.

Preventing Condensation and Moisture

Moisture is problematic for attic spaces. As moist, warm air rises from living spaces, it causes condensation in poorly ventilated attics. Even if the temperature is cold, a family of four can still generate 2 to 4 gallons of water vapor through daily activity, and some of this will find its way into the attic. If air is not circulating, condensation will build up and damage the roof by causing it to swell and buckle.

Reduced Energy Costs

As hot air rises, it eventually finds its way to the attic, and without adequate ventilation, it stays there, drawing more heat from the roof. The heat transfers through the floor of the attic into the rooms below, raising the temperature in these spaces. As your air conditioning and fans work to combat the higher temperature, your energy bills go up.

Improved Air Quality

When moisture and warm air gets trapped in a small space, it creates the perfect conditions for bacteria to breed. This gets circulated around the air that the occupants breathe and can cause health and allergy problems for residents. An attic fan can be coupled with ventilation to prevent a buildup of moisture, and both can be solar-powered.

Keeping your attic adequately ventilated will extend the life of your roof, and keep your home cool. To arrange an inspection of your attic ventilation, call Bryans United Air Conditioning on 504-208-2071. Enjoy lower energy bills and clean air.

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