Constructing a new addition involves countless details regarding decisions such as design, lighting and making the best use of space. You're surely mindful about making choices you won't later regret. Be sure to consider all your options for cooling your new home addition. Here are three good ideas.

Extend Your Current System

There's certainly nothing wrong with extending the air ducts of your HVAC system into the new home addition, but the heating and cooling systems must be in good condition. Leaky ductwork or an air conditioning system that's not up to capacity to cool the new space just won't do. Ask your HVAC technician to measure your home's cooling load, and compare the results to the capacity of your current cooling system.

Keep in mind that your new home addition is going to need heating, too. If you heat your home with a gas furnace, for example, it will need to be capable of the extra heating load.

Upgrade the Air Conditioner

If a home appliance earns its keep in the New Orleans area, it's the cooling system. If your air conditioner or heat pump has been giving you trouble, or if your home isn't as comfortable as you'd prefer, consider upgrading to a new air conditioning system. Make sure the new air conditioner or heat pump is sized correctly to efficiently cool the new addition.

Add an Independent Cooling System

Many larger homes and homes with added rooms use two central cooling and heating systems. If your new addition is substantial in square footage, a dedicated central cooling system may be a viable option. 

A ductless system is another zoned system that should be on your list of cooling options. Ductless systems are generally installed in one day, use minimal space and offer great comfort and efficiency, especially for smaller areas.

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