The HVAC system in your St. Charles, Louisiana, home is responsible for maintaining a comfortable atmosphere throughout the changing seasons. But a number of myths exist around this vital system. Take a look at some of these myths about HVAC systems and make sure you’re not buying into the hype.

Change the HVAC Filter Once a Year

Some people believe that the filter in the HVAC system only needs to be swapped out once a year. In most cases, this is definitely a myth. The frequency of filter changes depends on the age and efficiency of your system, as well as the type of filter it uses. Some can last up to six months, but most standard filters should be changed every month or two. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, consider using a filter with a higher HEPA rating to filter smaller particles from the air.

Your System Doesn’t Need Maintenance

If you believe that your home’s HVAC system can operate on its own without regular maintenance, it’s important to realize that this belief could shorten the unit’s lifespan and cost you a lot of money in the long run. Routine maintenance is vital to the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling system, so make sure to have a technician perform a tuneup every spring and fall.

Close Vents in Unused Rooms to Conserve Energy

Closing the vents in rooms that aren’t used as much might seem like a good idea, but it can actually throw off the balance of the entire HVAC system. When the system was installed, the HVAC contractor should have tested the airflow and balanced the unit to ensure proper ventilation and a comfortable atmosphere in each room. Closing the vents can cause pressure to build up, which actually decreases the efficiency of the system.

If you know of any other myths about your HVAC system that you’d like to clarify, contact us at Bryans United Air Conditioning by calling 504-208-2071.

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