Your heating and air conditioning unit is a complex beast, so it is not always easy to tell a simple, DIY problem from something that requires professional service. In New Orleans, we don’t suffer the extreme cold and snow that other regions face, but the heating system is still important. What signs indicate that you need to call a heating professional for help?

The Heat Runs Constantly

This indicates a problem with either the HVAC unit or possibly the thermostat. The heating runs in cycles based on the temperature sensors in the thermostat. If yours is refusing to turn off, the thermostat and HVAC system are not communicating for some reason.

A certified technician has the equipment to test different circuits and track down the problem before it starts costing you money or causes damage to your appliance.

There is a Bad Odor

It’s normal for the heat to smell a little musty when you first turn it on, but if the odor coming from the vents is overwhelming, something else is going on. There are a number of possible causes of a bad odor in the vents like a dead rodent or even a dirty filter, but some problems can be dangerous. For example, the smell may indicate a gas leak or something burning inside of the HVAC unit.

High Utility Bill

A jump in your winter heating costs can indicate there’s a malfunction with the heating system or that the unit is antiquated. If you suspect your bill is higher than usual, compare them to last year’s to see if there is a jump. Many utility companies show right on the bill how this year’s energy usage compares to the previous year. A professional technician will check the system to see if it is running at peak performance and either make adjustments or discuss an upgrade with you.

If you aren’t sure whether your HVAC system is working right, let us help. Call Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 or go online and make an appointment.

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