Whether you have a wine cellar or you’re using a basement to store wine, consider a climate control system for preserving the wine quality. Proper insulation and blacking out of any windows are extremely important for cooling the wine cellar in your Luling, Louisiana, area home.

Use Correct Lighting

To improve the cooling efficiency and effectiveness of the wine cellar, use only enough light so that you’re not walking blindly and bumping into your wine racks. Incandescent and halogen lights won’t work well because they emit a lot of heat and cause temperature imbalances.

LED downlights work well in cellars with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Use specially designed wall washing trims to install these lights on the ceiling to highlight various angles of the wine racks. You can also use track lighting for this purpose. If you spend a lot of time in the cellar or show it off to guests frequently, consider a dimmer switch to give you easy control over the lighting.

Insulate the Area

When building a new wine cellar, keep in mind that a vapor barrier is a necessity, on top of framed walls and insulation. Also, because concrete walls absorb cooling, they’re not recommended when building a storage area for wine. The goal is to create a moisture-free and airtight environment. You can do this by insulating the walls and seals around windows and doors to keep warm air from making its way into the cellar. Proper insulation also reduces your energy bill by minimizing energy loss from your wine climate control unit.

Proper Ventilation

Your wine cellar climate control unit needs proper heat dissipation to achieve maximum efficiency. Without adequate ventilation, the lifespan of the unit might go down significantly. The temperature differential in the cellar must complement your desired storage temperature. It’s usually best to have a professional assessment of your wine cellar to determine what type of climate control unit will be best.

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