Your water heater is a crucial part of maintaining the comfort of your Gretna, LA home. Your water heater is not only responsible for ensuring that you have the hot water each day to shower, bathe, wash your hands and face, but also to make sure that your appliances can work to effectively clean clothes and dishes. While you may know how vital their water heater is to the daily running of your home, you might not realize how important it is to have it inspected on a routine basis.

Why it is Critical to Have an Annual Water Heater Inspection?

Your water heater should be fully inspected at least once a year. Water heaters only last about 8 to 12 years and if they become damaged, it can be a costly or even dangerous situation. On top of that, it is also important to make sure that your water supply is clean and healthy.

What Happens During Your Water Heater Inspection?

Your water heater inspection is a relatively quick process but should be done by a professional to make sure everything is checked out, and there are no complications during the process.

  1. Your technician will shut off the water to the water heater.
  2. The power supply to your water heater will be shut off as well. If your water heater is gas, the gas valve on the supply line will be closed.
  3. The technician will give the water in the tank some time to cool down to prevent injury.
  4. A hose will be attached to the drain valve on your water heater with the other end going outside or into a floor drain.
  5. One of your hot water taps will be turned on to release some of the pressure in the tank.
  6. The technician will open the drain valve and allow the water to come out of the tank.
  7. Your technician will inspect the water color and quality as well as the parts of the tank for leaks or damage.
  8. Once the inspection is complete, your technician will turn on the water supply to flush the sediment out of the tank.
  9. Once clean, they will remove the house from the valve and turn everything back on so the tank can refill. 

Signs it May be Time to Replace Your Water Heater

During an inspection, your technician will let you know if there is damage to your water heater or concerns that it might be time to replace it. Though if you are in between annual inspections and notice any of the issues listed below, it may be time to call your technician to see if replacement is needed.

Your Hot Water Is Rusty

Mineral deposits become more common as you water heater ages and these deposits will begin building up over time. Even though regular flushing can help remove this, as your water heater continues to age, it will get more and more difficult to get it to remove. As these minerals build up, it can lead to the breakdown and deterioration of the inside of your tank.

Signs that your tank has begun to deteriorate includes water that has an unpleasant smell or metallic taste or has visible dirt or rust in it. Contact a technician if you experience any major changes in your water to see if a simple flushing will help or a replacement is necessary.

There is Water Around the System

If you notice pools of water around the water heater or coming from any of the areas where pipes connect to it, you should contact a technician to have an inspection. This water can be from simple repairable leaks that can occur in pipes and connections or could be the result of a cracked or leaking tank. If it is the latter, this could be an early symptom of an impending water disaster and should be taken seriously to avoid significant water damage in your home. 

Don’t wait until you have a significant issue with your water heater that can cause discomfort or damage in your home. Contact Bryans’s United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 today to schedule your annual water heater inspection and stay on top of your water heater concerns.

While you may know how vital their water heater is to the daily running of your home, you might not realize how important it is to have it inspected on a routine basis.

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